Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ted's Totes

Ava, my 6 year old has been invited to a bowling alley birthday party this weekend. I'm always a wee bit flummoxed at the grandeur of birthday parties in my daughter's circle of pals these days. When I was little I always had a cake that my mom baked and since my birthday is very close to the 4th of July I felt as if I got fireworks each and every year. Oh, and a bathing suit usually followed as well since it was early enough in the summer to still enjoy a new bathing suit.

But, times have changed and so have birthday parties. In the last year Ava has attended parties at bounce houses, swimming pools closed down for private parties, princess for a day events and what looked like an Olympic ready gymnasium. Lots of guests, lots of gifts.

At today's party I think her entire Kindergarten class has been invited for an afternoon of bowling strikes and pizza with cake and ice cream. How many spider man action figures can only little 6 year old really need? Or want?

So here it is, my tribute to simplicity and practicality for Ted's birthday. May he have many more.

They are little toy totes for all those spider man action figures he will no doubt be enjoying later today.

Ava asked if I would eventually make all of her friends toy toes while rolling her gorgeous eyes at me. As you may have guessed, this is not the first time she has had to arrive at a birthday party with a toy tote in hand as obligatory trade for entertainment and ice cream.

Why, yes I answered. As long as I have material left over from the last project dear, you will have a toy tote to give.

She acted as if she did not appreciate my glib reply.

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