Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emme's Bag and Dress

Recently, an adoptive mom asked me to make her a messenger bag to carry when she brings home her daughter from China in a few months. She had more of that glorious Michael Miller fabric with the Chinese Kids and was willing to let me work with it. I swear I'm still not tired of that material even after working several projects.

Here is her new bag.
I've made this bag a few times so there wasn't too much mystery on what it would look like when done.

The tee shirt dress on the other hand required a little winging it. Right up my alley. I must admit I love not completely knowing how a project will turn out. Creating the sash bow took a little time to figure out how long and how wide...but going into Olivia's closet to find something with a sash to use as a reference point just was not feasible since she was napping. Planning ahead might not always be a strong point for me.

Here it is. Tee shirt dress for little almost 2 year old who will come home this winter.


Michelle said...

Hey, that messenger bag looks familiar! :) Love mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! The dress is adorable!! I think Jaden needs one! Do you have more of that fabric and how much? Frankly, the dress with any adorable fabric would do.

Troy OH
(I never remember my login information so I have to sign here and post as anonymous--how sad is that?!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that messenger bag; it looks an awful lot like the one I own! 8-)
You rock girl!