Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sew Girl Sew

Back in March I sat down in a quiet space and set my intention with the Universe that work would come my way...I had the time and I was open for custom work.

And, now it is May and I'm swamped. Whee, I need an elf. An elf who cuts, irons and sews. Oh, and since I'm asking could he also look a bit like Matthew McConaughey? I think that would be pleasant to look at while I worked alongside. Seriously, I tried for a real elf but she couldn't make it work this week. That is what I get for giving this nice lady no notice at all. I'm up for a challenge, I can get all my orders done on time I know it. Cough....

In the last 2 1/2 weeks I've had three shows. I've already delivered the first 22 bags from the first show and now I'm working on the next 18 or so.

Oh, and I want to finish them all before I leave for vacation on May 30th. That's 18 more bags in 18 days.

Sew, girl sew.

In the interest of keeping it exciting want to follow along and see if I meet my goal?

Here are the 3 that I made last night and today.

Send words of encouragement and caffeine. Lots of caffeine.

I'll post em' as I finish.

Almost forgot, more good news...my ten year old iron died and I hopped of the cu-de-sac and got the most gorgeous silver shark that pumps out steam like a nuclear reactor. She's so pretty I might feature her along with the next small batch hopefully to come tomorrow. That's reason to stop back tomorrow right? Iron photos.

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Anonymous said...

Perrin, I love my bad and Emily's.... how adorable! You are too good!